MA Practice One - Final Collection

I haven't spend much time considering a context for my designs although, I have started to think about my imagery for print on a square scarf. I have condensed my designs down to a collection of eight.

I have completely changed my colour pallet since the start of the unit and I think that I am quite happy with the colours for this collection, there is a clear distinction between my BA collections and my MA collection.

I have taken colours from each design and created boarders for the scarves, initially I added a block colour boarder but found that accidently by filling in a colour on the background layer that it was more fitting to have a broken more textural boarder for the scarves.

I think that the compositions work well together as a final collection, there are opposite lines in different directions which contrast with each other, there are two clearly more graphic designs, some are clearly more structural compared with more textural and photographic designs. I think that I have a good range of imagery within this collection, tied together with the colours and boarders.

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