Sci-Art: The Poetry of Science

Since looking at my subject under the microscope, I have been feeling a little bit lost, my ideas hadn't worked as well as I imagined they would. Following todays lecture about Sam Illingworths poetry, I took a step back from my own work and listened to Sams ideas, first of all we analysed some of his work then he gave us brief structures for writing poetry about our own work.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Images from under the microscope.

The first task was to create a acrostic poem using the acronym M.M.U (Manchester Metropolitan University) I related my poem to my Sci-Art experience.

My experience,

May have opened,

Unlimted ideas.

The idea of this poem was just to express that my experience of the Sci-Art and the idea that this might have formed a basis for future project.

The second idea for a poem about my work, was to create a Nonet, so I began to create a piece discussing what I had started to do for the Sci-Art project.

Looking at crystals and minerals,

Finding interest in formation.

Struggling to make Sci-Art,

under the Microscope.

Texture and structure.

Looking at rocks,

I see the



My experiementation under the microscope was less successful than I had hoped, so the form and shape of the Nonet seems to make sense with the blurred conclusion of my experiment.

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