MA Practice Two - Product Research

For practice two, I want to begin to research structures and shapes to begin to develop design ideas to create a range of leather bags. I have started to conduct shop reports and looking and brands which are similar to the sort of market level that I would like to be working within.

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Whilst in paperchase I came across a brand called zand erover, made in the Netherlands the range of minimalist leather products are three dimensional and structured by stitching. Each bag is carefully thought out and developed using angles and geometric designs.

Sourced From: Own Photograph taken at Paperchase, Manchester.

I am fascinated by the simplicity of the design, the final outcome looks such a simple shape although the process of designing and creating the piece will have been quite complex. I want to begin to try and develop flats and prototypes using paper to create my own three dimensional products.

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I also looked at a brand called Brit-Stitch, although their designs are more traditional their British brand ethics are inspirational and something that I want to achieve with my own brand.

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