Sci-Art: Creating Imagery

After playing around with producing imagery using a microscope, I didn't get very clear images, they were pixelated and difficult to read.

I have played around with these images on Photoshop and mostly looked at exaggerating the pixelated look, I have intensified the hue and saturation and the levels to get a sharper more graphic design.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Imagery Captured with Microscope, Edited in Photoshop.

I decided that I would attempt it again to see if I could get some clearer photographs. This has worked better as I was able to spend more time perfecting the lighting conditions so get a successful shot however the image resolution is still quite poor. I noticed that the scientists around me in the lab were trying to tell me how to get the best results and that my subject matter must be flat in order to get a good photographic representation through the microscope.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Imagery Captured with Microscope

I was uninterested in these ideas of producing a 'better' image as I found that the process of generating these images was just as important as the outcomes. The outcomes of my experimentation aren't what I expected, I think that it's due to the angular nature of the crystals and the reflective surfaces, light bounces around the surface making it difficult for the microscope and camera to focus.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Imagery Captured with Microscope

In theory images may be more successful if my subject was flat but this would take away the structural and textural qualities I am interested in seeing under the microscope.

After over laying imagery of crystals from under the microscope I decided that I need another element to my practice in a sci-art context. I think that I will begin to look at fabric structures and the way they are made up and try to create interesting imagery and patterns from these pieces instead.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Imagery Captured with Microscope, Layered in Photoshop.

I may combine and layer the photographs but I am interested look at the idea of printing a microscopic version of a fabrics pattern, back onto its original surface, I think that this could be an exciting topic, to create something that will make people think about what it is they are seeing. I want to further this idea by meeting with Hayley Andrews in the new year to discuss using a more powerful microscope.

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