Sci-Art: In Our Time

Since the group Design Crit, I have started to listen to a particular episode of 'In Our Time', on BBC Radio 4's archive about Crystallography. The episode discusses the discovery of the particles and atoms within crystals through X-Ray’s. There is a lot of discussion of diffraction of light to produce scientific imagery to understand crystallography further, they discuss lengths of waves of X-Rays and peaks and troughs within the crystals atoms, to determine and identify the make-up of a crystals structure. Click the image below to listen to the programme.

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The way in which they scientists describe the process of identifying the structures is very academic and intellectual, however I realised when the scientists describe the surface of the complicated structures and using photography as documentation of a crystal it becomes very interesting and almost poetic.

As the scientist speak over the radio and are aware that they must be descriptive, they create metaphors and emotive language to conjure visuals for the listener.

I don’t think that this radio programme is particularly informative to my project. Although, the discussion of surfaces and the visuals I have taken away from the descriptions, along with the feedback on my microscopy images from my peers, has sparked an idea to explore, the concept of looking at my microscopic images in a different perspective, perhaps as a ‘landscape’.

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