Sci-Art: Digital Collage of Crystal Landscapes

I have begun to consider at my photomicrography from a different perspective - the idea that the crystal surfaces could be landscapes. With this in mind and following my print design practice and the process of manipulating textures and structures using digital collage, I have come across tutorials on YouTube for manipulating and creating your own crystal surfaces and landscapes digitally using a programme called Blender.

Sourced From: Screen Grab from Youtube Video by BlenderWiz

I have never heard of the programme before but a lot of the effects that the designer is creating in the tutorial are similar editing effects that I can use to create my imagery using Photoshop. Watching the video is fascinating and the surfaces that the designer creates are amazing, almost designing another world.

Sourced From: Screen Grab from Youtube Video by BlenderWiz

This is a similar sort of outcome that I would like to achieve through my own microscopic photography and digital collage of my designs. I have begun to think further about an outcome and experimental pieces; one idea that interests me is the inclusion of my practice, perhaps having an obvious element of an exploration of textiles and science.

Sourced From: Screen Grab from Youtube Video by BlenderWiz

To do this, I am starting to think about looking at different materials and fabrics that I have used within my practice in previous years, using photomicrography to capture imagery and overlay them with the crystal landscapes to create some visuals.

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