MA Practice Two - Designer Research: Shapes

'I know the Queen' and 'Skinny Dip' are of a similar market level, they are close in the way of concept and slightly outrageous design.

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Their complex shaped fashion accessories and quirky contemporary tag lines and products that imitate unusual objects such as first aid kits and seashells are particularly popular.

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Introducing an element of comedy to the fashion accessories creates a successful piece, this is a quality I would like to bring to my brand. I will move forwards by looking at shapes within the crystal imagery I have been manipulating. I want to begin to experiement with leather and produce some three dimensional vessells which could be furthered and used to create a successful product. To do this, I want to begin working alongside Edward De Lacy and learn more about leather working.

Kate Spade’s novelty bags are amazingly detailed and of exceptionally high quality, the brand is a much higher market level compared to ‘I Know The Queen’, and ‘Skinny Dip’, the difference in product can be noticed in the attention to detail and the quality of the final product and the way they are manufactured to the highest standard.

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The quirky novelty concept is still there within these collections however there is a clear development from the simplistic shapes from the high street brands in comparison to the complex designs created by Kate Spade. I don’t wish for my designs to be as complex as some of the ideas and structures by Kate Spade although I want to push the quality of my designs and final outcome to a similar standard.

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