MA Practice Two - Designer Research: Iconic Collaberations

Christopher Raeburn’s collaboration with Disney and the construction of Minnie and Mickey Mouse shaped rucksacks is fascinating.

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I first came across the designer pieces in Selfridges, I was instantly taken back by the amazing packaging for the bags, almost coffin like. The eyes of the well-known Disney characters are made up of stitched crosses, as if they have died a sad cartoon death.

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The colours that the bags have been made in are dark and the fabrics are leather like and denim, creating a fashion statement and an interesting accessory out of an animated animal. I love the concept and the collaboration; this could potentially lead to a whole range of bags.

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These are quite similar to the Ashley Williams creepy worn-out teddy designs, but produced to a high end standard. I like the idea of using iconic influences such as Disney characters to produce a collaborative piece of work as a part of another designers practice.

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