Sci-Art: Print Designs

I have designed a range of prints using the imagery I collected under the microscope to be printed back onto their own fabrics. I have started to try to organise how I will print each design back onto its own original fabric.

Sourced From: Own Archive

I realised that a few of the fabrics would be quite straightforward, however, printing onto leather will be expensive and I will have to have it done by a separate company than the other fabrics. I want to go to see how the leather is printed and will go to Matlock to document this process and find out how it works in order to support my knowledge on my own practice.

After speaking with the print company in Matlock, I was told that printing onto suede wasn't going to work as well as I hoped, due to the surface of the fabric and the fibres that would move in different directions it would be impossible to get a successful print. I have been contemplating whether this bothers me, the idea is that each design is printed back onto its own surface.. whether or not this works or is successful is part of the experimentation.

Sourced From Own Archive, Print Design of Suede Microscopy image.

Other than hand printing my design using a silk screen, my other option is to print my suede imagery onto a faux suede digitally. I am not happy with either compromise as screen printing my design, I would have to use pigments which would sit on the surface of the fibres and wouldn't show the detail of my print design. The better option is to print my design digitally onto faux suede but this is a different fabric all together from the microscopy imagery.

Sourced From Own Archive, Print Design of Synethetic Microscopy image.

It is going to impossible for me to print onto netting and the woolen sample I looked at under the microscope but there are two other fabrics which are going to be difficult to print onto. There is a synthetic inner lining fabric used in pillow casing, which I will attempt to sublimation print. If this doesn't work I will have to screen print the design in layers.

Sourced From Own Archive, Print Design of Bonda Web Microscopy image.

I will not be able to sublimation print bonda web, as it will melt and change the structure of the design, I doubt that the image would transfer onto the fabric. Another idea is to print the microscopy image of the crystal onto cotton, then print the fabric structure onto the bonda web and layer the two fabrics together. I think that this will work well with the photoshopped layers of microscopy, physically layering my prints like my digital collages.

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