Sci-Art: Promotional Posters

As a group, we have begun to design promotional posters to advertise our exhibition on the 23rd of February. We agreed to each design a poster with our own ideas for the branding and showcase of our sci-art experiements.

Sourced From: Damyon Garrity‎, Manchester Metropolitan University

A few of us decided that we didn't want to mention 'science' or 'art' or the phrase 'sci-art' as we want to lure people into the exhibition, we want people to be intrigued by what we have been working on and what we have produced. Instead of arguing over a title for the exhibition, I suggested that we use a tag line on our posters.

'An exploration of experimentation' - I think that this suggests an exploratory response to experimentation across each discipline. I think that this tag line embodies what we have spent our time thinking about and creating without being too specific and using the words 'science' and 'art'. For a while there was discussion about the concept of 'play' rather than 'experimentation', however the concept 'play' has been used in a previous graphics exhibition at Manchester Metropolitan University.

We don't want to repeat something that has already been done, however the symbol of a triangle to suggest 'play' seems to have stuck with us. Someone suggested using symbols as a way of non verbal communication.

Sourced From: Damyon Garrity‎, Manchester Metropolitan University

Damian designed a range of posters using the triangular symbol, but after a bit of research we were concerned that the triangle was too similar to a very well known company.

I have been working with circular elements which to me suggests 'Petri dishes' and the slides I have used for my microscopy, a recognisable symbol within science. I started to design some of my own ideas using some of mine and Scot William John's imagery.

Sourced From: Own Archive, featuring imagery by Scot William John.

As a group we came up with the idea of using a template which would give us a space to showcase an image to represent all of our own individual practice. The posters would be a limited edition labelled (1 of 22) and so on. We would have a variation of 22 posters, we also suggested displaying our own variation of poster by our work at the show as a postcard with extra information about our practice.

Another idea we had was to create a digital version of the poster as an animation or gif to show at the entrance of the exhibition. I really like the design ideas and hopefully they will be finalised and printed shortly, we will be able to begin to promote our event.

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