Sci-Art: Print Designs Revisited

I realised that I might have delved into designing too quickly, after receiving feedback for my previous unit, I’ve been advised to slow down and consider my print designs more carefully as I have been producing imagery quickly through photography and digital editing. I decided to take a step back and start from the beginning, layering imagery I hadn’t used before.

Before looking at my fabric structures underneath the microscope, I photographed each piece of fabric, I took these photographs into Photoshop and layered them up with their corresponding microscopy images. I also added the microscope images of crystals to add colour into my imagery as otherwise, everything is in black and white.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Layers of Microscopy Suede Imagery, Macro Photography and Crystal Microscopy.

Through the layer filter ‘Exclusion’, all of the colours became blues, purples and cold colours. This is something I am desperately trying to avoid, as it is a colour pallet that I often fall back to. I do like the grey scale effect within these designs although it’s quite dark and I want to try and produce some lighter coloured imagery for my own practice.

The grey scale imagery would work well with the slides that I wish to display along-side my print designs as they are mounted on black backgrounds upon silver pins. However, I do think that I should try to push another colour pallet.

Sourced From: Own Archive, Layers of Microscopy Synthetic Fabric Imagery, Macro Photography and Crystal Microscopy.

Another issue with these digital print designs is that because the layers are involved and heavily edited, it would be exceptionally difficult to go back and try to produce a version that would be easy to screen print onto the fabrics that I cannot digitally print.

I think that I will continue to push forwards with my initial designs for the final exhibition and concentrate on creating a final piece for the end of the unit.

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