MA Practice Two - Constructing Shapes

I have cut out shapes that I have taken out of my photographs and begun to fold them to see what happens and what I can create. By sticking the shapes into my sketchbook and almost creating a pop up style page, I can start to see the way the two dimensional shapes could work as three dimensional forms.

Sourced From: Own Archive

From this I have started to work outside of my sketchbook and build three dimensional shapes out of the paper pieces by folding and sticking. I wanted to introduce randomness into my designs so printed random sections of my print designs onto the cut outs.

Sourced From: Own Archive

From this I randomly selected a shape and stuck it down to a large sheet of card, for each shape I selected from the shuffled pile, I tried to fit it in to the last shape, to develop a raised surface. I have started to photograph the surface and will begin to depict more shapes to work with.

Sourced From: Own Archive

After meeting with De Lacy and discussing my hopes for what I will get out of working with him, he has suggested that I start to create patterns and shapes that we can play around with and solve as a bag design. Considering how these shapes could work as a vessel and making prototypes. I will further my designs and build shapes to work from with leather over the next few weeks.

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