MA Practice Two - Una Burke

I have been looking at leather bag inspiration and been advised to look at Una Burke, a London based designer who has designed pieces for lady gaga, Rihanna and madona.

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Una Burkes designs are heavily structured and sculptural. The bags are exceptionally high quality and creative, each piece is hand made by Burke. The bags look as if they are pieced together and held with studs and hardware. The pieces are almost plated like armour, heavily decorated and clearly a luxury item.

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The inspiration for the structures seems to come from the natural world, shells and hearts but unlike their traditional popular forms. In designing these pieces which loosely resemble their titles, I realise that there must have been a lot of decisions and the designer will have had to have given way to the qualities of the leather that is used and the problems faced whilst constructing the shapes.

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I imagine I will face similar issues when beginning to prototype my accessories, hopefully by working with De Lacy and learning from his leatherwork experience I will be able to produce the products I have designed.

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