MA Practice Two - Omtura

Omtura are an interesting brand that are inspired by futurism and urbanism - two concepts that would be exciting to research further throughout my own work. Anton Edelshtein, the designer behind the brand, seems to use much softer leather in some cases than a lot of the brands I have researched - the bags seem to be folded and distorted from a malleable leather but look rather strong and have a tough surface.

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The leather appears a lot more used and weathered, perhaps second hand pieces that have been previously distressed. This lends itself well to the industrial and slightly robotic and cold metallic feel of the brand. The straps of the bags are much like the fetish style harnesses like Fleet Ilya but they involve much more hardware and interesting zippers. In contrast the more angular bags are amazingly contemporary and modern, they almost look as if they could be sculptural pieces within a gallery.

The bags are well structured by using folds and stitching, some of the bags are quite shapely and curved, I don't really like these shapes as a contrast to the more angular pieces in the collection, I feel that this gives off a strange steam punk or gothic feel.

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I much prefer these constructed shapes - this is something I have realised when creating my toiles, I wanted to avoid using too many pattern pieces however, in constructing my bags, I have found that I will need to use stitch or separate the pieces so that I don't create unwanted curved edges within the collection.

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