MA Practice Two - Considering Print Application

Since working more closely with De Lacy, I have begun to consider how my prints will be introduced into my designs. I haven't enjoyed working in repeat in the past so I have tried to find a way around this within my own practice, I prefer for my designs to either be carefully considered and engineered or completely abstract.

I have started designing by engineering prints from my initial designs in Practice One and manipulating layers to fit into the shapes I have been using during Practice Two. I have designed a range of placement prints for each shape as well as designing more randomised designs for shapes that I intend to use for simplistic vessels.

I think that I will begin to draw out resolved designs for completed bags so that I can start to visualise my print designs, this would be a good way of articulating my ideas to De Lacy as we prototype each piece.

I am concerned that by using print to heavily in my collection I may begin to overwhelm the structural geometric designs as I want the final outcome to be quite sophisticated. To combat this but still involve my prints I think that I might use my designs in a silk lining; this will add another element of luxury to the pieces and something a little bit different.

I have noticed that I have reverted back to using my usual colour pallet which is something I need to avoid. I wonder whether using only black and white prints and producing vessels using coloured leather could be a way to move past this.

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