MA Practice Two - Visualisations

I tried to draw out my design ideas to show the journey from Paper Three Dimensional Pieces to Calico Toiles and Leather prototypes.

I struggled with trying to demonstrate my ideas in this way so instead created visualisations on Photoshop to display my print designs.

Sourced From: Own Archive

I feel that this has been a helpful exercise as it has made me consider print application and how each print will fit into a collection. I have begun to think about how each bag will be made and how print will be applied.

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Considering I currently have eight bags within the collection - I have other ideas for modified designs from these initial pieces. I think that I will create a plain leather version of each piece with a printed lining and an all over printed version.

I think that this will solve my concerns about creating an overwhelming print based collection - I will be able to interchange designs when presenting the collection.

Sourced From: Own Archive

I have presented by engineered print designs on my online sketchbook page to show the variety of designs made up from documentary photography from Practice One. I have also tried to collate these images into a 'flip-book' format to create an interactive piece where by people can view the designs and overlay acetates to choose a print design for a bag shape.

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