MA Practice Three - Lining Research

Today I went to look for inspiration for printed linings for my leather bags, initially I went to explore in House of Frasier, I came across Lulu Guinness and I found that the bags were mostly lined in a medium weight cotton twill. I think that this would be the best option for my linings; it's easily printed and looks luxurious without it being tacky.

Sourced From: Black cotton twill lining with internal zip pocket and mobile phone holder.

Kenneth Cole, another brand in House of Frasier also use a cotton twill looking lining, its soft to touch but feels durable which is a quality that I thinks important in creating a luxury product. This is something I want my brand to become recognisable for.

Sourced From:

When researching Ted baker some of the totes are unlined, letting the back of the synthetic leather show through on the inside of the bag, I don't really like this finish on a bag that is at this market level. Other small printed shoulder bags are lined with heavy canvas which seems to make the inside of the bag quite bulky and adds weight to the bag; it appears luxury but isn't very well finished.

Sourced From: Fabric Content: 100% Bovine Leather

Other cosmetic bags and wash bags use synthetic fabric which could be waterproof to a certain extent, I think that this is important in some cases perhaps with cosmetic bags although it's not the right sort of fabric I want to use. Some bags are lined with a synthetic silk satin looking fabric which is very shiny, I don't like the look of this lining and think it would cheapen the leather bags.

Sourced From: Fabric Content: Shell: 100% Polyvinyl Chloride; Lining: 100% Polyester

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