MA Practice Three - Product Development Inspiration: C Dellstrand

C Dellstrand is a designer I have come across, the brand produces simple yet functional products. The aesthetic is clean and inspired by industrial shapes.

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The cube like and rectangular forms strike me as structural, something I want to achieve within my own collection, whilst designing I'm going to continue to question how to create a structural pieces inspired by modernist and geometric architecture with crisp corners and edges.

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The way these pieces are photographed in black and white shades increases the attention to these forms. The shadows are soft in comparison to the sharp lines of the accessories however I feel that the textures and marbled surface of the leathers balance this out.

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I need to start to consider how my pieces will be photographed, I do like the idea of involving product shots into a look book but I would prefer to have shots of the products on the body as well.

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