MA Practice Three - Product Development Inspiration: Finell and Tiravan Vanichnam

Finells collection involves the sort of structural elements I want to give my own pieces. The surfaces of the bags seem to be flawlessly folded without creases in the leather, this makes me think that there are pieces beneath the leather surface much like Issey Miyake designs.

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This would give the bags movement but achieve the structure and architectural shapes I want to produce.

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Tiravan Vanichnam creates bags with a similar look and finish to finells. The designs are more complex and three dimensional, they appear to be raised by the way they are constructed.

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By manipulating the surface and layering shapes I want to try to experiment with paper and leathers and photograph the process, I want to try to trigger new ideas in order to build a collection whilst considering cut out pieces, appliqué, sculptural designs and panels.

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