MA Practice Three - Planning Photoshoots

During practice three I need to consider marketing my work appropriately. I have started to look at the way I want to display my work online by doing research into how other brands do the same. I've taken my research a step further than considering a look book as although a photo shoot expressing my work is important in a printed format, I think that my work will be more closely followed and explored online through my website and other social media platforms.

Sourced From: Own Archive

I want to take a more realistic route as most of my influences are taken from natural elements and manmade structures within Manchester. I think that there are two main avenues of exploration to acknowledge whilst planning my photographic campaigns. Product shots - involving flat lays and model shots - the product on the body. To do this I feel that creating a shoot more focused on my products and their materials, influences and inspiration and components may be good practice. For example creating flat lays involving inspiration such as rocks, minerals and crystals found in their prints. Another idea could be putting my leather pieces in a still life conversation including components of architectural inspiration, for example concrete, glass and metallic textures. Further ideas could go as far as photographing the pieces as they are made in the studio to emphasise the quality of the pieces and their skilled handmade production. Separate to this, I think that it's important to photograph final products on the body, to show how the pieces could be styled and worn. I want to push the concept of a wearable piece of artwork, by the styling, location and mood of these shots I could achieve this.

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