MA Practice Three - Product Shots

I have started to consider how I would photograph my products. Looking at other designers such as Eva Blut who has photographed her products against backgrounds such as concrete structures interests me. Including these sorts of industrial textures relate well to my print designs however I dislike the way that these products are shot, although the elements of texture within the image are simplistic, the positioning of the product seems over powering. Perhaps just photographing the pieces on a solid background would be more striking.

Sourced From: Pepin van Roojen (8 Mar 2013). Avant Garde Bags. Amsterdam: Pepin Press.

Benedetta Bruzziches boasts complex product shot imagery. There is an element of luxury in the materials used within the photographs but I feel that this is too fussy for what I want to achieve.

Benedetta Bruzziches 2017 Sourced From:

Benedetta Bruzziches 2016 Sourced From:

Rianna Philips shoots her designs against other existing products which seems to heighten the market level her work is seen to stand in. Placing brands around her work is exciting but rather showy.

Sourced From:

I am not yet sure how I will display my product shots but I intend to conduct test shoots based around the concepts of inspiration - using crystals and architectural components and process driven imagery - using studio 'behind the scenes' shots. During practice three I will start to experiment with these ideas.

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