Practice Three - Hand Drawn Elements

Another important factor going into Practice Three is reintroducing my hand drawn elements, it was mentioned in my presentation that losing my hand drawn imagery could be detrimental to my success and is something that I could potentially become recognised for in the future.

Using Photoshop, I dropped sections of architectural documentary photography into the shapes I had identified - from these I started drawing again. I was daunted by the concept of drawing by eye on location and drawing these straight from the photographs I had taken.

Sourced From: Own Archive

By splitting the imagery up into small canvases it made starting to draw easier. I think at this stage, having explored shape and structure as far as I have, it would have been unnatural to begin drawing whole buildings on a large scale. I think this would have made me feel slightly lost and uneasy about how I would introduce this imagery into my prints.

Sourced From: Own Archive

Through using small canvases and focusing on details that I had documented previously I can see how these designs could work with the photographic engineered prints. At the start of my sketchbook, I tried drawing with accuracy and tone, as I got more involved with the drawing I brought in colour and my drawing became more free as I loosened up. I think the more abstract drawings alongside the tonal accurate drawings bridge the gap between drawing and the photographic digital collages I have been working on.

Sourced From: Own Archive

The next step in designing prints is to look at the flat lay outs and panel pieces that I have experimented with, my engineered prints could easily be placed into these panels to develop designs further.

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