Practice Three - Colour Palette Considerations

I have been concerned with my colour palette and wondered how I am going to get out of designing prints within the same range of colours. Multiple ideas have been suggested in reviews such as:

  • Designing in black and white

  • Adding a layer of colour over the top of my designs then removing it later

  • Inverting my imagery and manipulating colours on Photoshop

  • Using gradient maps selecting only two colours from photographs

I will experiment with these methods when combining my hand drawn designs with digital collages to get an even colour palette throughout my prints.

Pesaro, Italy. Photograph: Andrea Sopranzi (Sourced From:

I don’t usually consider trends when designing, however I have recently discovered an article about a colour trend linked to architecture, ‘Millennial Pink’, or ‘Tumblr Pink’ has been surfacing for a couple of years. “Some say it started in 2014, with Wes Anderson’s movie The Grand Budapest Hotel, which embodies a kind of arch retro-kitsch and is centred on a building painted several kinds of pink.” –

Sourced From: Millennial pink: architecture of certain shade is catnip to urban Instagrammers (

I decided that moving out of my colour comfort zone and using a range of pink promarkers and water colour pencils to illustrate my architectural elements would be an interesting experiment, I certainly feel that my work has a fresher feel and its almost been renewed. I will continue to work with this colour palette and see where it leads.

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