Practice Three - Shape

Since presenting my work at the end of Practice Two, I have decided that the shapes I have been looking at and creating vessels from have become quite flat and unimaginative in comparison to the sorts of designers and architectural inspiration I have been exploring. This is something I want to strive to develop early on in Practice Three so that I can begin to create final designs.

I am starting to consider what I will be able to achieve by the end of the MA, at this moment in time I feel that I should be able to design a whole collection and perhaps make two final pieces from the designs to display at the degree show.

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It’s really important that I develop my designs to create something more structural and architectural at this point that can be toned down later when creating final products, this is something I am finding difficult to do as I am concerned with how the final vessels will be put together. When thinking about the materials and equipment that I have available to use – this sort of stunts the creative process. I also need to begin working with leather and other materials to manipulate surfaces and see how far I can push my designs, perhaps rather than having an extravagantly shaped design; I could add structure with surface decoration.

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I have started by repeating the documentary photography process and identified more geometric shapes which I could use to develop my pieces. After cutting these piece out by hand, I began to lay these out flat in compositions to see how they could fit together with the idea of them becoming printed panels for the surfaces of the fashion accessories. I wanted to explore the two dimensional aspects of these shapes first, experimenting by moving the pieces around like a jigsaw by hand rather than taking a digital approach has inspired some new ideas.

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To further this experimentation I will look back to the three dimensional vessels I created in Practice Two and start to build these shapes on top of the designs. Whilst doing this I don’t want to consider practicality too much and just let my imagination run using my current inspiration. I have thought briefly about aesthetics and how this might work, looking back at research on Una Burke and her riveted shapely pieces.

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