MA Practice Three - Modular

Over the past couple of weeks I have been focusing on developing panels to attach to the main body of the vessels on which to showcase my printed designs. This began with cutting out the shapes I wanted to focus on using and laying them out in different compositions to decide on the sort of lay out that would fit on each piece.

From this two dimensional approach I progressed into attaching the shapes at the edges and folding them to create three dimensional panels. I wasn't happy with these outcomes and moved onto looking at origami, folding, pleating and considering the idea of creating a surface rather than panels.

Rosa Kramer a student from the Amsterdam fashion institute shows her portfolio online, her folded fabric garments are complex but well finished. The portfolio shows the pattern used to create the garment which I don't intend to follow however the drawn out shapes interest me and could be followed as a printed pattern.

Edited imagery of Rosa Kramers research sourced From:

I have looked at diagrams for folded and pleated pieces and the geometric two dimensional drawings interest me more. Similarly to Ron Reschs tessellation patterns.

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Scottish designer Kyla McCallum founded Foldability, a design studio that creates bespoke installations inspired by geometry and origami. The designer produces intricate pieces that could cover entire surfaces, something that I have begun to consider with the intention of designing a surface to encapsulate a vessel or potentially even make up the main body of the vessel.

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I began by looking at a book about pleating and starting to manipulate paper. These experiments worked well although I was concerned that they wouldn't look right in leather as I would be unable to finish the edges to an acceptable standard.

From this I started to consider that leaving raw edges was not going to work and that perhaps rather than creating panels, I should create modular elements that could be attached or detached from the main body of the bag. When I started to think about modular elements that could have a purpose or stand alone this challenge became simpler, I could see how this could work.

I have worked out patterns for the designs however I am starting to wonder wether these should be modular or whether the design should be the surface of the vessel. Moving forwards with designing the collection there are a few more experiments and ideas I want to try to incorporate.

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