Art and science come together and change the world to produce a spectacular series of thought-provoking Sci-Art exhibits and events about diabetes, originally to be showcased at the Manchester Science Festival this October.

"We’re a unique bunch of artists, medics and scientists and we’re really excited to be a part of the UK’s biggest science festival attracting 136,000 visitors in 2017." - Christine Wilcox-Baker.

I am using my Print Design skills, my background in Textiles and my interest in Sci-Art to raise awareness of type 1 diabetes by bringing the inside out. My collection, 'Hypo-Realism' uses microscopy to capture close up images of the pancreas, and exploring the aesthetics, patterns and pathways of this little-known organ.

Why the pancreas? Well it’s where the battle of type 1 diabetes is fought out – where the immune system attacks the cells that produce the insulin we need to store the energy we get from sugars and carbs. From photo-microscopy slides viewed at a high definition, the imagery has been manipulated to highlight the landscape and depth of the layers within the Pancreas.

This collection has been developed with friends and family in mind, those who have been diagnosed with Diabetes and have struggled to adjust to life without a working Pancreas.

"Oh, and a “hypo” – for those who don’t know, is when a Diabetic’s blood sugar drops too low – coma low, one time a diabetic needs sugar – stat!" - Tony Pickering.

I wanted to focus on the every day lives of those living with the diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes, with my background in Textiles and Fashion, I was interested in the medical accessories that come as part of the package of being diagnosed. Such as cases and bags and bins for sharps and insulin and testing kits.

In an attempt to create a range of aesthetically pleasing prints with a disturbing origin, the Hypo-Realism collection formed. My initial thoughts were to create designs for accessories for those who must manage their disease day in day out, a more personalised accessory rather than a clinical, medically issued item to be carried around.

Ultimately, I have settled with a range of prints to try to share knowledge and showcase a range of pieces to show my support of those affected. I have partnered with Contrado UK to produce a range of printed accessories and art prints for exclusive online sale.

If you're interested in purchasing artwork or comissioning a custom piece, don't hesitate to contact me directly.

We’re working alongside Diabetes UK too – who 'are proud to support us’. They’re the leading UK diabetes charity and you can check out their website for information too:


Please help us to spread the word. Thank you.

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